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AutoPot 16mm Click-Fit Tank Adaptor and Filter

AutoPot 16mm Click-Fit Tank Adaptor and Filter


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AutoPot 16mm Click-Fit Tank Adaptor and Filter

This 2-in-1 tank adaptor and filter saves money on equipment and keeps your current AutoPot system running smoothly. It makes your 9mm tubing or FlexiTank compatible with any 16mm accessories. 

Prevents sediment buildup

Even clean fresh nutrient solution can contain small amounts of sediment. You’re growing in the great outdoors after all! 

This filter removes any impurities in your nutrient solution as it exits the reservoir. In addition to purifying your plant food it reduces blockages in your AutoPot tubing and keeps your equipment in prime condition. 

Adapts to 16mm tubing

This filter also works as an adaptor allowing you to connect your 16mm tubing to the FlexiTank or FlexiTank Pro. No need to switch up your entire system: just place this close to your water source and you’ll be able to link all your current equipment. 

Make simple feeding simpler

Take another job off your hands. Indoor gardeners already love AutoPot for its ease of use - it’s totally self-operating and can be left to feed your plants for up to 2 weeks. Its patented gravity-led technology detects when plants need watering and distributes a small amount of nutrient solution without any input from the grower. 

This filter makes simple feeding even simpler! With less sediment buildup and fewer blockages your Autopot equipment will require less maintenance and stay in perfect condition for years. 

Click and go

As with the rest of the AutoPot system easy operation is key. The filter requires no screws to connect to your reservoir - just push it into place and go. 

How to use AutoPot Click-Fit Tank Adaptor and Filter?

Attach the smaller (9mm) end of your filter directly to or near your reservoir outlet. If you’re not connecting this adaptor directly to your FlexiTank you will need to use a short length of 9mm tubing for the smaller end. 

Link your 16mm tubing to the larger end. Then you can attach any 16mm equipment! You’ll be able to use all your existing connectors in-line taps and 16mm Multi Pot Modules thanks to this adaptor. 

This filter is designed to reduce blockages; however we still recommend that you clean your AutoPot system regularly. 

Why choose AutoPot Click-Fit Tank Adaptor and Filter?

  • For use in the AutoPot automatic watering system;

  • Purifies nutrient solution before feeding;

  • Prevents blockages and sediment buildup;

  • Prolongs the life of AutoPot tubing and AQUAvalve;

  • Compatible with all FlexiTank and FlexiTank Pros.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot

  • Product Dimensions: 287 x 40 x 50mm

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