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Atami High Porosity Cocos 50L

Atami High Porosity Cocos 50L


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Atami High Porosity Cocos

Deep breaths

An aerated substrate like this is made from porous materials which allow airflow around the roots. The more porous the substrate the more air the roots have to expand and provide nutrients to the plant making for healthier and higher yields. Atami Cocos Substrate is made with perlite a naturally-found volcanic rock and has an air volume of 30% to ensure roots have the breathing room they need.

Disease control

Calcium nitrate in this specialist formula helps to neutralise acidity in plants. This "detoxes" the plant and ensures unwanted substances are removed in drainage.

When to use Atami High Porosity Cocos?

This product is suitable for most types of growing systems. It is designed for the first week of plant growth.

How to use Atami High Porosity Cocos?

Use in the first week of plant growth. After this you can add water with your regular liquid fertilisers and boosters for maximum results.

Increase watering to balance the increased drainage that high porosity substrates allow.

Why use Atami High Porosity Cocos?

Not only do porous substrates allow optimal root growth they drain more efficiently. Excess water can lead to root rot and nutrient loss and more seriously can suffocate plants. Atami High Porosity Cocos provides greater air supply and water drainage than regular coco. The addition of perlite hugely enhances the metabolic process and can lead to increased yields and faster flowering.

The substrate is also uniquely mixed with a light fertiliser to aid young plants in their first week of growth.

  • Unique mix of coco perlite and fertiliser;

  • Enhances metabolic process;

  • Increases root air supply and drainage;

  • 30% air volume;

  • Internationally RHP certified. 

Product Specifications:

Brand: Atami

Capacity: 50L

NPK value: 11-27-8

pH: 6.2

Air volume: 30%

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