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Aqualine Pump & Pressure Sprayers

Aqualine Pump & Pressure Sprayers


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Aqualine Pump & Pressure Sprayer - 1L

Easy nutrient application

The Aqualine’s large opening allows for components to be easily poured and mixed inside its tank. Apply liquid nutrients with ease and with no risk of corrosion: the sprayer tank is safe for use with most household and garden chemicals. 

Designed for comfort 

Ranging in capacity from 1 to 8 litres there is an ideal sprayer size for all growing environments. Save time on refills and water large areas hassle-free or choose a smaller option for easy storage in the home. 

The sprayer also comes with a detachable shoulder strap making it easy to carry for long periods of time. 

How to use Aqualine Pump & Pressure Sprayer?

Fill the tank with the liquid you wish to apply to your plants. The sprayer is suitable for standard insecticides pesticides and fertilisers. Firmly tighten the lid and attach the shoulder strap if carrying for long periods of time.

Apply to indoor or outdoor plants by squeezing the handle on top of the sprayer. The pressure of the sprayer will not harm plants but it is advised to spray from a short distance away to minimise unnecessary force. 

To spray continuously hold down the trigger lock on the handle. Release to stop spraying. 

Why choose Aqualine Pump & Pressure Sprayer?

  • Garden pump and pressure sprayer;

  • Adjustable jet nozzle;

  • Facilitates application of water insecticides pesticides and fertilisers;

  • Suitable for most household and garden chemicals;

  • Pressure release valve;

  • Comes with carry strap;

  • Shatterproof and frost-resistant material;

  • Built-in trigger lock for safety. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Brand: Aqualine

  • Capacity: 1L

  • Product Dimensions: 300 x 180 x 100mm

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