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Aqualine Flexible Tray

Aqualine Flexible Tray


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Aqualine Flexible Tray - 100cm2

Save space and mess with this trusty range of Aqualine garden trays. Its foldable flexible material prevents it from shattering and it comfortably holds up to 25 6.5-litre pots. 

Store plants and seedlings

Growers can use the Aqualine Flexible Tray to store potted plants and seedlings in one easy-to-reach space. The tray is lightweight and can easily be carried. 

Thanks to its ridged base it collects spills and drains water without letting it stagnate beneath plants. Made from durable plastic it is fully waterproof and provides a mess-free way to catch excess water and nutrient solution. 

Flex and fold 

Due to its flexible material this Aqualine tray can be folded! It’s a dream piece of equipment when it comes to saving space: bend it to fit through grow tents greenhouse doors and entrances to smaller grow spaces. 

The trays may also be folded or stacked as an efficient storage method allowing growers to keep them out of the way when not in use without compromising available space. 

As well as this its flexible plastic means that it is shatterproof and highly durable. No need to worry about drops (they happen) or the risk of hazardous plastic shards in your grow room. 

Mix nutrients with ease

The tray may also be used to mix nutrient solutions before watering or before use in your hydroponic system tank or reservoir. Its shallow depth allows for easy mixing and makes it easy to clean between uses.

The tray also has a rounded lip for steady grip while pouring and prevents spillages or overflowing.

Where to use Aqualine Flexible Tray?

It can be used indoors or outdoors as it is totally weatherproof. It makes a great storage solution in gardens greenhouses grow tents and grow rooms and sheds.

Why choose Aqualine Flexible Tray?

  • 100cm2 plastic garden tray;

  • Can be folded to fit into small grow spaces;

  • Flexible shatterproof material;

  • Ridged base to assist draining and aeration;

  • Can be used to store potted plants or mix nutrient solution.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Aqualine

  • Product Dimensions: 1000mm x 1000mm x 120mm (40” x 40” x 4.7”)

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