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Advanced Hydroponics of Holland's Dutch 1 Grow

Advanced Hydroponics of Holland's Dutch 1 Grow


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Advanced Hydroponics of Holland Dutch 1 Grow

The Dutch Formula plant food of Advanced Hydroponics of Holland is high-quality 3-part nutrition which AoH perfected through thorough research and the growers' experience.

This part of the plant food enables the plants during the growth phase to take up all the important components. This will show through the new growth; the leaves are strong dark green and the plants will have healthy roots.

Because of the fast and healthy state of the plants in this phase all conditions are created for an optimal bud production in the flowering phase.

High-quality nutrition

This liquid plant food can be used for both hydro cultures and for the earth. For the entire life cycle of the plant AoH developed 3 special components which guarantee the best results after growing with this solution. One of the components Grow is simple and easy to use and therefore it's suitable for everyone to use from the beginner grower to the experienced grower. 

Pure ingredients

Advanced Hydroponics of Holland's plant food is manufactured with only the best and purest ingredients and tested in conformity of Dutch Quality control standards.


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