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Advanced Hydroponics of Holland Dutch 3 Micro

Advanced Hydroponics of Holland Dutch 3 Micro


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Advanced of Holland Hydroponics Dutch 3 Micro

Dutch Formula Micro 3 from Advanced Hydroponics of Holland is part of a high quality 3 part nutrient system. It contains all the other elements plants need for healthy development. As well as microelements in chelated form it has pH buffers to stabilise the solution. Micro 3 is for use throughout the entire life of the plant.

The 3 part system is flexible enough for beginners and growers with experience to get great results. Dutch Formula Micro 3 as well as the other components dose at different rates depending on which stage of growth you are in.


  • High-quality nutrient.
  • Assists with healthy development with plants.
  • Suitable for beginners and growers.
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