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Plant Vitality Killermite 250ml

Plant Vitality Killermite 250ml

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Plant Vitality - Killermite Insecticide (250ml)

Killermite works immediately treating mite and insect damage before it’s too late. Restore plants to their full health and see their strength and yields increase.

Minimal plant damage

Killermite is specially formulated to target infestations of two-spotted spider mites Western flower thrips and leaf miners. While the substance is powerful - in some cases only requiring one treatment - it is entirely nontoxic to plants. 

Highly concentrated

This solution is concentrated enough to provide up to 500 litres of solution per 250ml bottle. This makes it exceptional value for money and ideal for those growing on a larger scale. 

Prevents recurrences 

Killermite stays in the surface of leaves meaning that pests are killed straight away should a reinfestation occur. The solution eliminates living sources of infestation and prevents insects from coming back.

How to use Plant Vitality Killermite?

Killermite requires different application processes depending on your infestation:

  • For Two-Spotted Spider Mites apply as soon as you spot the mites or evidence of their damage. Yellow or brown spots on the leaves may indicate a spider mite infestation. In more advanced cases leaves may be shrunken or entirely yellowed.

  • Dilute 0.25ml of Killermite per litre of water and spray Killermite regularly on plants and leaves to treat the infestation. For the first week use alone; if the problem continues use alongside another product. 

  • Leaf Miners can be identified by the distinctive squiggled lines they leave on plants. Pinch the infected leaves off and dispose of them.

  • Apply Killermite at the first sign of damage. Dilute at 0.5ml per litre of water. Leave a week between each application; full treatment should take approximately 2-3 applications.

  • If you’re treating Western Flower Thrips apply at the first sign of nymphs. These insects lay eggs into the leaf and cause damage when feeding. 

  • Leaves may appear mottled or “mouldy” and develop white patches with smaller black dots. While the eggs cannot be seen look for small brown insects or their yellow larvae. 

  • As with Leaf Miners dilute at 0.5ml per litre of water and apply once per week for 2-3 weeks. 

How does Plant Vitality Killermite work?

The active ingredient in this solution is Abamectin at 1.84% concentration.

This is a compound that is deadly to insects and wipes out entire colonies and their larvae. Rather than suffocating plants as oil-based insecticides do Killermite attacks the nervous system of insects. It wipes out entire colonies and their eggs meaning that reoccurrences due to surviving larvae are rare. 

Abamectin is nonphytotoxic meaning it does not cause adverse effects to the plant. It’s best to take caution and keep Killermite away from children and animals wherever possible. However reports of toxicity to mammals are relatively low. Abamectin s classified as toxicity class IV (“practically nontoxic”). 

When to use Plant Vitality Killermite?

In all cases the insecticide should be used at the first sign of damage for maximum effect.

Be aware that Plant Vitality is a powerful insecticide used to treat infestations. Due to this it is not recommended to use Killermite when flowering - especially for fruits flowers or any plants for consumption. 

Killermite is for professional use only. 

Why choose Plant Vitality Killermite?

  • Kills mites Western thrips and leaf miners;

  • Fast effective treatment;

  • Eliminates entire colonies and their larvae

  • Minimal damage to plants;

  • Fully approved pesticide;

  • Makes up to 500L solution per bottle.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Plant Vitality

  • Capacity: 250ml

  • Active Ingredient: Abamectin (1.84%)

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